Form individual lock configuration

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A Backset (mm)

B Distancing (mm) 75mm standard

C Hub square - handle

D Latch protrusion

E Faceplate overall length (mm)

F Faceplate width (mm)

G Distancing mounting holes faceplate (mm)

Faceplate design

Faceplate bevel (in degree °)

General information:

Hand of door

Latch type

Standard Anti-vibration

optional for standard latch
Damper for latch through POM insert

POM Version 1 (0,5mm protrusive along latch slant)

POM Version 2 (0,5mm protrusive all along )

Position of handle hub square

2° (standard)

Horizontal mounting holes for rosettes

For cylinder locks

Only 14 and 16mm latch protrusion! Not available for anti-panic function!
For WC locks

Lock function

(for WC lock / hub square)

Material- and Finish

Enhanced spring force

The handle retention springs are adjusted to handles according to the shipbuilding standard, for handles deviating in dimensions and weight from that standard, the spring design for the highest available spring force can be applied by default.

Quantity according to hand of door

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